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Kent Beatty has been on his way to the forefront of modern bass playing since he started at age 12. Influenced by such legends as Flea, Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, and Stuart Zender, his style has caused audiences to compare him to his musical heroes. He performs at various bass events and competitions, and has even been introduced on stage by Victor Wooten himself. Kent is best known for his 5 years touring internationally with Hamilton Loomis, and for his ability to blend solid musicianship with solo performances. He works with several artists and also records with his various rock, jazz, funk, and fusion projects yet to be released. No stranger to clinics, Kent has shared his love of music at workshops, schools, and rock camps around the world to all ages and skill levels. He is currently touring with Brother Dege, whose music is featured on Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" film soundtrack, as well as the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel.


"Kent has a great feel! He's played a lot of gigs, he's got the feel, he's got the vibe."


- Gregg Bissonette, professional drummer, Santana, Joe Satriani, James Taylor, Ringo Starr, Spinal Tap, David Lee Roth, film & tv



"Kent and myself, (TM Stevens), was in a room in Anaheim California during the Namm Show, jamming on our bass guitars, and I noticed that Kent also has that "Thunder Slap" that I treasure with my bass playing. 'I Groove to Move, and Play to Make, The People Dance, Clap and Shake'. Welcome to the Ultra Funk Club Brother Kent!!!"


- T.M. Stevens, professional bassist, James Brown, Billy Joel, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Steve Vai, 2Pac, Cyndi Lauper, Pretenders, Shocka Zooloo

Bass Events & History

Tours 2008 - 2022 (USA, Canada, Europe, Eastern Europe, UK)

As Bassist & BG Vocals with Brother Dege (2015 - Current)

As Bassist & BG Vocals with Hamilton Loomis (2008-2013; 2015-2017)

Solo tours & more bands listed below


Attended Victor Wooten's Bass/Nature Camp in 2004, 2005, 2008/WWW, 2012 SOM in Nashville, TN


1 of 3 bassists chosen to perform at 2006 Bass Extremes International Solo Bass Competition MasterClass/Workshop Weekend in South Carolina with Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Billy Sheehan, John Patitucci, and Gregg Bissonette


Performed at 2007 LODO Bass Bash in Denver, CO


Performed at 2009 Denver Bass Bash in Denver, CO


Performed in 2009 at Billings Senior High School Music Workshop in Billings, MT


Performed in 2009 at Primary School Music Workshops in Yorkshire, England


Performed in 2009 at Secondary School Music & Arts Day in Cheshire, England


Performed in 2010 at Billings Senior High School Music Workshop in Billings, MT


Performed in 2010 at Primary School Music Workshop in Yorkshire, England


Featured in 2011 on June, December, and Weekly Top 10


Performed at 2011 RockLogik Summer Camp in San Jose, CA


Performed in 2011 at Boy Scouts of America Music Workshop in Wichita, KS


Community Mentor for 2011-2012 Central High School Senior Project in Baton Rouge, LA


Community Mentor for 2012-2013 Central High School Senior Project in Baton Rouge, LA


Clinician at 2013 Basses on the Plains in Wichita, KS

Performed at 2013 LODO Bass Bash in Denver, CO


Performed at 2013 One Day of Bass in Chicago, IL


Performed during Winter NAMM at 2014 Lo-Up Solo Bass Showcase in Long Beach, CA


Clinician support in 2014 for Gregg Wright in Crowley, LA


Featured in 2014 on in April and December


Performed at 2014 Lo-Hio Solo Bass Showcase in Canton, OH

Performed at 2014 Midwest Bass Bash in Des Moines, IA

Clinician at 2014 Basses on the Plains in Wichita, KS

Performed at 2014 LODO Bass Bash in Denver, CO


Performed during Winter NAMM at 2015 Kalium Artist Showcase in Long Beach, CA


Featured in 2015 on in November


Member of Artist Jury in 2016 on for 2015 Music Journalist of the Year w/ Will Calhoun & Mfa Kera


Performed at 2016 LODO Bass Bash 10 Year Anniversary in Denver, CO


Performed at 2017 Lo-Hio Solo Bass Showcase in Akron, OH


Performed during Winter NAMM at 2018 JT's Bass Jam in Anaheim, CA


Demo support at Winter NAMM 2019 for Hedras Ramos at StageClix in Anaheim, CA


Featured in 2019 on in May


Guest interview in 2019 on Episode 72 with Kent Beatty – The Bassist Podcast/YouTube/Spotify in October


Guest interview in 2020 on Quarantine Live chat with Tsunami Cables in April


Guest interview in 2020 on Bass Extracts #stayathomestudio chat in April


Featured in 2020 on in July


Tsunami Cables Live Family Hang in 2021 on Zoom Chat in January


Tsunami Cables NAMM 2022 Video in June

Kent Beatty - Touring Bassist


*Written 12/2013*


**12/2015 UPDATE - I'm currently touring seasonally with Brother Dege (music featured on Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" soundtrack, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel). I'm available for scheduling in the off months.**


Welcome! My name is Kent Beatty. I am a musician from Louisiana, USA. From around the age of 5, I was attempting harmonica and soon learned the viola. That eventually led me to the bass guitar. Over the years, I've played bass in several bands and in several countries. I've been known for original solo compositions as well as "extreme" bass techniques. All of that takes a backseat to providing the tight rhythm section a professional band requires. My tour schedule has been solid for the last 6 years - around 150 shows per year. During that time, I was the bassist for Hamilton Loomis, performed solo bass events, clinics, and shows with my own bands. Recently, I've taken time off from the road to focus on my music and other priorities. I've been hired since then in a variety of situations, including subbing in a modern country band at House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC - with a few days' notice. Now I am booking for 2014 and available for genres ranging from metal, rock, and pop, to funk, R&B, and country. Traveling frequently has taught me to be prepared. I have gear available in other countries, my passport is ready, and I travel light.


On or off the road, I am available for recording sessions. If your project needs bass recorded - electric, fretted, fretless, or upright - contact me here or via e-mail to discuss options. If the session is not along the Gulf Coast USA, I can remotely upload 24-bit audio to you.


I also have a love for animals, technology, and photography, so you may see bits of my personal side from time to time. Keep in touch with me through your favorite social media app, and thank you for visiting!



Full Time and Sub Work as a Bassist With

Brother Dege (Southern Gothic/Rock/Delta Blues - International/Louisiana)


Hamilton Loomis (Funk/Blues/Rock - International/Texas)


Gregg Wright (Blues/Rock - International/California)


Michael Juan Nunez (Rock/Blues - Louisiana)


The American Tragedy (Rock/Hard Rock - Louisiana)


DG & The Freetown Sound (Funk/Soul/Variety - Louisiana)


Dustin Dale Gaspard (Alternative/Folk - Louisiana)


Sarah Russo (R&B/Variety - Louisiana)


Gino Vallecillo & Friends (R&B/Variety - Louisiana)


Pullman Standard (Rock/Pop - California)


The Gillis Silo (Country/Rock - Louisiana)


David Shelander (Jazz - International/Florida)


Pacifico (Alternative/Rock - Georgia)


Caleb Paul (Southern Rock/Variety - Louisiana)


Annika Chambers (Blues/Funk/Soul - Texas)


Dave Tucker (Americana/Variety - Colorado)


Kristen Foreman (Pop/Variety/Country - Louisiana)


David St. Romain (Southern Rock/Variety - Louisiana)


Cam Pyle (Rock/Variety - Louisiana)


Perkins Road (Modern Country/Variety - Louisiana)


James Adkins (Variety/Bluegrass - Florida)


Ty Taylor Band (Modern Country/Variety - Mississippi)


Autumn Wild (Pop/Variety - Louisiana)


Lance Dubroc (R&B/Soul - Louisiana)


Brooks Hubbert (Rock/Variety - Florida)


(((reVibe))) (Rock/Alternative - Louisiana)


Autobahn Radio (Rock/Variety - Louisiana)


That 90's Show (Rock/Variety - Louisiana)


Tomplay (Rock/Variety - Louisiana)


About Last Night (Top 40/Variety - Louisiana)


Three Thirty Seven (Top 40/Variety - Louisiana)


Alligator Blue (Variety/Zydeco - Louisiana)


Fight Night Anarchist (Rock/Alt Metal - Louisiana)


Letters In Red (Rock/Alternative - Louisiana)


The Hardrick Rivers Revue w/Paul Tassin (Jazz/Variety - Louisiana)


Wayne "Blue" Burns Band (Blues - Louisiana)


SoLaTi (Folk/Hip-Hop - Louisiana)


Vanity (Rock - Louisiana)


Beer, Guns, & Fishin' Poles (Jam Band/Southern Funk) - Louisiana)


Stellar/Nectar/Digitate (Alternative/Rock - Louisiana)


Andy Smith Band (Top 40/Variety - Louisiana)


Chasing Scarlett (Rock/Variety - Louisiana)

Recording history and more on the Discography & Credits page

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